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Dartford Boccia Club

Find us on Facebook. We have two groups. One public and one closed. Anyone can join our public group and members and special people are added to our closed group. We keep it closed for membership...

We had a visitor on Saturday 9th February. Someone was actually very good at Boccia. We have asked him to join our teams but I think he is fully booked with other appointments. Hes a very busy man so making time for a visit to our club was brilliant. Thank you...

Our next session is Saturday the 23rd of February. Come along and try Boccia. Your first session is always free. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You could become a Boccia Champion 😉


Happy New Year to all, from all at Dartford Boccia Club.  Our first session of 2019 is on Saturday 12th January at 5pm for 1 hour.